Record Book

Shortest Game: 3:11
NIU vs. TCU - 2006

Bowl History

Utah 35 - Navy 32

Offensive MVP
Brian Johnson, Utah

Defensive MVP
Joe Dale, Utah
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Red Shirts
The San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl Red Shirt Committee is a group of young professionals, ages 21-35, who play a significant role in the production of San Diego’s largest annual festival of events. The committee works with the San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl Committee, made up of San Diego’s civic and corporate leaders. Red Shirts do not have financial obligations, however they are required to invest a considerable amount of time attending committee meetings and volunteering at various events.

Todd Backus

Matt Barnhart

Alex Benjamin

Shauna Durrant

John Fiske

Ryan Goforth

Alex Gruft

Katie Hart

Scott Hart

Kurt Hartman

Kelli Herwehe

Julie Hom

Virginia Loh

Michael Lopez

Jacqueline Mai

Trina Mills

Ben Moraga

Erin Mullooly

Stewart Sanders

Steven Schmidt

Christian Scott

Jason Shumard

Jeff Simenton

Matt Sinnott

Ty Tantum

Monica Telles

Aron Tremble

To apply to be a RedShirt, please fill out the online 2008 RedShirt Application .


If you have any questions about becoming a RedShirt, please contact Laura delaMontaigne at (619) 285-5061.